M & P Taxis

Airport Transfer Specialist

If you cannot locate the driver within 5 minutes then please ring immediately on 07988677072


Terminal One

If you have arrived on an International flight go upstairs to departures and turn Left. If you have arrived on a Domestic flight or from Ireland turn Right. Go through the revolving doors that lead outside, to your Right you will see a pedestrian crossing, once you have crossed the road you will see on your left a lift marked LEVEL FIVE. You will meet your vehicle to the Left of this lift.


Terminal Two

  On arrival at Terminal Two go forward, through the doors facing you and decend to the lower level. Exit the terminal via the revolving doors facing you, cross the road. You will reach a sign that sayTurn Right. At this sign turn LEFT and walk down towards STAND 15 where your vehicle will be waiting.


Terminal Three

 From arrivals at Terminal Three turn sharp Right, doing a U turn. You will see a Cafe called BITE. As you head in this direction you will see signs pointing to Check In. Follow these signs outside. Once outside you will see an alley on the Left which takes you to the car drop off area. Your vehicle will be in the vicinity of the car valet kiosk.


Terminal Four

On arrival at Terminal Four go upstairs to Departures. Exit terminal, your vehicle will be in the vicinity of the valet parking kiosk.


Terminal Five

  On arrival at Terminal Five go upstairs to departures. Exit the terminal and go to the Second Lane where your vehicle will be waiting.


South Terminal

 On arrival at the South Terminal go downstairs to the drop off point. Your vehicle will be in the vicinity of the traffic lights.

North Terminal

   On arrival at the North Terminal remain on the same level. Go outside to the furthest lane. To the Left you will see some closed shops. Your vehicle will be in this area.

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